About Rob-Son Graphics International B.V.

Rob-Son Graphics International B.V. is founded in 2006 by current owner Robert van Wendel de Joode. With years of experience within the graphic sector at EGS, Euro Graphic Services and Quattro, we have gathered an extensive knowledge of everything within the graphic sector. 

Rob-Son Graphics International B.V. sells used and refurbished machines and parts for for the graphic sector, and is specialized in bindery and finishing machines. Our inventory consists of used bindery machines and various parts, components and equipment. 

Who We Are

Rob-Son Graphics International B.V. is located in Aalst, the Netherlands. We are an independent supplier of machines and parts mentioned on our website,  and deliver our parts and equipment worldwide. Our stock consists of new parts for bindery and finishing machine, but also used or refurbished parts. Aside from new, used or refurbished spare parts, we offer 'equivalent' parts. Our equivalent parts can be used on OEM machines, and can be used as cost effective replacement. We do not have any commercial connection with the OEM manufacturer, and are an independent and unauthorized supplier of machines, equipment and parts. We always mention if the part is an equivalent, by using the abbreviation 'EQ' or 'Equivalent'.

If you have any questions about the parts or equipment mentioned on our website, please contact us at spares@rob-son.nl or call us on +31 85 201 0705.